Serverless Does Not Mean Brainless Part 3


Posted on April 27, 2018 by Yann Tromeur


Part 3 of serverless article, fascinating new approach to computed business processes services

Wait, does it not mean brainless?

Again, whatever machine / system / organism : evolution is needed or death will be the outcome.

So, my dear fellow admins please if not there yet, start training. Cloud meant no in-house servers, not no IT service. We are still needed, until A.I. comes for us ahahah!

Serverless means (almost) no Operating systems hassle / BS.

Yes, stick it on your desk: it’s already here!

  • Need a database service: well just ask for the service to be setup (NEXT NEXT NEXT), and your database is available in a couple of minutes.
  • Need Authentication, well what do you prefer: Facebook, Google, Amazon, email, phone number? Just check the box.
  • Monitoring your app: do yourself a favor and select that log option !

I guess I will need to write another another article for this to be more technical!

No more hardware to purchase, no more OS setup, no patching needed, no hassle, just the service!

It is not a surprise, our favorite cloud providers (AWS, GCP, AZURE) love us: they want us to have more free time…

Joke aside, we have to get ourselves ready. Challenges are on the way. We need to change our mindset, become services architects, complex hybrid cloud security experts!

Those tools are great, but centralized / hybrid dashboards and management tools still need to be provided.

Remember when Windows delivered Powershell: we believed we would become “Systems Programmers”. Well I still don’t see much of my colleagues as programmers yet.

This is our New Game

… for the moment

This disruption will help us to focus more our attention on users (you know the others) as time-consuming resources management tasks will gently fade away.

More, web services / mobile apps will become more scalable and faster as well as less depending on such System provider as all of them will basically use or provide serverless standards.

Then, the greatest advantage is to finally see our dear schemas and API flow schemas come to life, with almost no difference from conception to production.

So, here we are welcome to that new tech, you were hoping to change the world… Well at least for us mere IT people.

What will be our next smart (r)evolution?

Real serverless I guess, services empowered by all communicating IoT devices, sharing resources in a smart and secure way.

Cloud Services will be mobile and widely redundant in their next distributed form.

Distributed services will offer better security and redundancy, improving reliability and avoid services unavailability, since physical datacenters will be unnecessary.

This disruption will also have to be supported by you, my fellow IT guys, embrace it as you would for any forthcoming smart revolution.