Project Delivery Can Your Customers Trust You



Posted on October 22, 2017 by Yann Tromeur

Today I was on both of the fence.

I recently ordered a new high speed internet for home and still expect my provider to deliver the service… “it can take up to 5 days”, did not mentioned it when I signed the order… As a customer, I am deeply frustrated and a little angry…

High speed internet is like water and electricity now. Family survival depends on it (sic). Problem for my provider, I know the drill. Either scheduling was wrong, technician not sufficiently competent or bad luck, cabling not good.

I know the drill, I assist my customers when they need internet delivery when moving to new locations. I know the drill too well…

Today, I also received a long complaint from a customer.

Basically feeling misinformed and trying to get explanation of why we had to postpone his project with such a short notice. “I have customers I can’t fail” he mentionned. I know this drill as well.

Project Delivery is my job. Failing my customers is not in my vocabulary, neither for my colleagues. I am here as well to coordinate providers with our project team on projects specified by our sales team based on our customers requirements.

Tons of things can go wrong during a project. Only things that save us : experience and trust!

Though I could understand the technical service on the other line at my internet provider, unable to provide me answer as when or why or how I will get the internet back, my Delivery Manager 6th sense was saying : “they failed to provide, they have to deliver”.

I deeply think a company has the customers it deserves. You have to build trust with customers before they can accept for you to fail sometimes.

After a couple of emails to the complaining customers, statu quo: “we will get back to you with information you expect”.

Only difference between my internet provider and me: first thing tomorrow, I will shake my colleagues about this and get the information before I leave the office.

A word is a word, but when given you better keep up with the trust of our customers.

It is just a job after all, but at the end of the day who can you trust when you want your project to be well delivered?

Don’t lie or hide information, be as much prepared and precise as you can when you start your projects: trust between you and your customer will help you go through hardest failures.