My Best Investments Of The Year So Far 2


Posted on May 27, 2018 by Yann Tromeur

In this new regular series, I will give you my best investments, tips, tricks that gave me the best results to achieve goals. If you thought I was going to give you away the latest cryptocurrency whale (maybe next time) or some Wall Street type advice, well…

Sorry to disappoint you ! (not, actually, eheh)

Number one: Guitar Lessons

For the past ten years, I have been taking guitar courses at the same school (Rock University). The School Learning though mostly based on learning through practive is very solid, with a beautiful of passionate teachers. Kids, Adults, absolute beginners and future stars: everyone is welcome.

First benefit: this gives me a regular activity outside of my work and life / life. As any routine, this gives you some rule to stick to.

Second Benefit: gave me an extra push in Discipline, since you have to go every week. The service is not only learning to play an instrument or a song !

Third Benefit: MEET PEOPLE. All sorts of people, from all ages, you might make friends (as I did) and customers (as well). If you are a serial introvert, the two students – one teacher lesson is a must! Very different from standing in front of screen…

Fourth Benefit: practicing an instrument will give you patience (you will need some at first) and persistance. If any professional  activity would benefit of this, management is surely in the list.

Overall, what I mean is : quit your daily traffic / work / traffic routing for a few hours every week to sustain a regular social activity. Basic but true: step outside from your habits !

Estimated return on investment : 150 % in 3 years. Especially if you become a guitar hero on the way! At least you feel you are!

Number Two: Calm

Calm is a mindfulness meditation app. It costs 35 € per year and really gives you a boost (not sure this is the right expression in this case, hum).

I have been practicing Mindful Meditation since late 2016. Learned about it through books, did a couple of training at schools and then practice it.

After a couple of weeks,I was quite irregular on the practice. Benefits were low.

So, discovering Calm really changed my mindful game ! (I feel I sound like an infomercial now!). Some of you might not find meditation as a suitable activity: you need to stand still and concentrate for a few minutes.

It was very difficult for me at first to reach that focus. Practice is the key. Running helps me to liberate energy. Mindful Meditation to control and use it.

First Benefit: Calm is like Strava or Runtastic. You make your goals, and the app helps you to stick to them. You get kudos on your streaks. Very motivating.

Second Benefit: meditation sessions are organised in themes. You even have 7 days or 21 days sessions on the themes you want to improve: stress, sleep, focus…

Third Benefit: soothes you. Before you begin your day or at the end of the day or both, find your spot and launch the app. I recommand the usage of phones to enter the mindful world of Calm.

Fourth Benefit: so you want to do meditation, you want to try ? Calm is as good for  the mindful rookies as it is for the more experienced ones.

After a few months of daily usage (10 to 30 minutes sessions), the results were very impressive: I really appreciate my meditation sessions. And love the smart challenge to improve my streaks and reach new goals.

Estimated return on investment : 300 % within a year. Very low price for what it gives. Very professional and covers lots of topics. Will help you on your challenges.

I hope you enjoyed my little tips and tricks of the day! Please do not hesitate to post comments or share your own. Have a nice week!