Brace for Impact

This has been a too long time.

Like most of you, I have been busy. Iooikos grew a lot last year expanding our services to UK and building bigger projects than the previous two years.

Iooikos reached its third birthday, we had our first employee last year and have been starting new collaborations.

Lots of hours spent here and abroad, planning and deploying – I have been busy and was kept away from other occupations like keeping this blog alive.

Thanks to old and new customers. Thanks for your trust!

With the current event, we have been dealing with lots of demands for smart and secure access to IT resources from our customers. But I won’t be making any technical or top ten advices for remote work setup While most of us will be stranded at home for health security, I can’t keep thinking about the obvious: this is an incredible opportunity for us as a collective

##The nose on your face This virus knows no boarder, no language, no wealth, no age. This virus puts us all in one category: potential carrier No wall is going to stop this, a cure at some point will. But it is not a cure for a virus we need While governments and companies ask us to stay safe at home, and we comply for our friends and family safety – we are staying apart probably binging more than ever (thank god for Netflix) But more than ever we want to stay together And while technology can help us stay in contact, for work or even social needs, Teams or Facetime are not the Real Thing, and we will thrive for getting back together in a bar, restaurant or cinema And while it is easy to let the panic take control and hide, we really need to start growing up Clearly, social media and medias without control in general did not help calming the situation, but that’s it for now, maybe next time there’ll be less fear awareness Clearly a lesson for the future, let’s be critical and in control of our judgements, let’s trust science for once and let it do its job

##Sharing the same experience For the first time, Humans share the same fate and exper… Wait… No ! It is not the first time… Don’t think as far as world wars… The consequences of climate change are still looming upon us, let’s not forget that And while we are clearly not prepared, as a community, for catastrophic events - we still have time to organize and kick start this The next weeks, Europeans and Americans will be working differently. Some from home, some with less colleagues than usual. Production and economy are going to slow down. We will probably look more into ourselves. And while some might use our fears as catalyst for sombre schemes, many of us is going to experience more of awareness Another positive consequence, we will observe a decrease of pollution and consummate only the essential. Climate change, yes, as our way of life is being slowed down for the greater good, yes, we could keep it that way for a sustainable future Less consumption, less traffic or travels, smarter use of technology, smarter work organisation : yes it is time to review our ways of doing things If we can do it for a short term period, why can’t we repeat this act ? why couldn’t we sustain it ? Lots will still mention threat to global economy, but isn’t that the point ? That the way we live and work has brought us here: a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat is humans’ cause of biggest fear Not a war, not a terrorist attack, not a storm : sub microscopic infectious agents are the cause of change ! We fear what we can’t see, but this time, thanks to instantaneous media madness, we don’t ignore it ! It is an incredible moment for awareness and self-control. While we saw panic in the food departments (vital tomato sauce 😊), this proves we are not ready yet.

At least, be smart, think about it! and most of all: be safe !