Artificial Intelligence The Good The Bad And The Ugly Part 3 The Good


Posted on May 10, 2018 by Yann Tromeur

AI powers depend on us. Will be the teachers or do we want to be the pupils ?

How it will expand, what it will become uniquely depends on humans. At first, it will have the flaws of its creators. But it will improve over time. And the control of that growth also depends on us.

We need to “inventory actions humanism justifies…good or bad, mentions Gilles Dowek in Liberation’s “Voyage au coeur de l’AI” adding “there is no more competition between Man and Machine than between the trumpeter and its instrument…”.

We need to evade from our fiction tales of AI dominating the World and start educating ourselves.

At the moment, there is no risk bleak fictions from James Cameron’s the “Terminator”, the Wachowskis’ “The Matrix” or Asimov’s Robot stories. We don’t know, but we can get ready.

Frédéric Durand, in State of AI (), mentions “Intelligent machines … enable businesses to boost productivity, performance and quality of service”. Those AIs we will implement and used are there for a greater good.

The AI Technology race between countries (USA and China) are the leaders) will bring like any age of progress first a crisis effect then an economical. After a harsh transition period, the time for human worker to adapt, figures will go up : estim. +2.3 million job, which means a total net of half a million employments added thanks to AI (in state of AI).

In this RAND article written by by Nidhi Kalra and David G. Groves () hope “Highly Automated Vehicules… will save hundreds of thousands of lives”.

Same goes for Healthcare (in Forbes), AI will help “extend the power of human thinking in three critical areas: advanced computation, statistical analysis and hypothesis generation”. In short, less time for analyzing more time for treating and applying.

Another example stands AI usage in medical imaging: AI can detect a smile on a picture why not cancer cells? Same would go for  experimental treatments results analysis.

Not a miracle, but still, those true human benefits represent a tremendous hope for the sick.

There is more to rejoice than to be sad about.

Those benefits, they will go beyond private companies and economy benefits. Less time waste, leaner processes, health improvements… We are in control of our destiny, if we care to provide a sustainable future to our civilization. We are capable of Great and we can destroy our home at the same time. We move forward, hoping time will help us provide better solutions to our issues.

Will AI help us solving our greatest problem: climate change ? Microsoft think so creating its AI for Earth program. Agriculture and Energy efficiency use AI to improve their processes.

To ignate this Revolution, The big IT companies (GAFAs) provided the matches, but if we start a fire we need to:

  1. Control it
  2. Make sure we have extinguishers if needed