About The Other Gdpr 5 Steps To A Smooth Digital Transformation


Posted on May 29, 2018 by Yann Tromeur

In terms of project management and design, we had our fair share of adventures in the past seven years.

Technologically, last ten years saw the rise of the Cloud and the high speed internet (both physical and mobile), High definition SVOD and other innovations such as Big Data, AI, blockchain and serverless cloud services, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to name a few.

In a business context, these new paradigms will have consequences in a never-before-seen scale : they all occur at the same time, benefiting from each other.

You might not feel concerned yet. Beware, Digital Transition is sneaking its way through and will impact all businesses and organisations, whatever their size or sector.

What is Digital Transformation (a.k.a. DX) ?

DX is the implantation and the use of all things digital to your business, processes and relations in and out your organization. IT technologies in the heart of the economy, not as a tool or a component for companies, but as a process to push changes whether you are a SMB or a multinational.

With the rise of iOT, the sustainability of mobile networks and the supremacy of decentralized powerful IT service (Clouds), maturing IT provide strategic services and commodities to businesses around the world.

DX represents the modern quintessence of what computing systems can provide to people and organisations.

What is it for / how does it change my life or business?

DX will represent a significant (for the less) to revolutionary (at least we expect so) high level transformation.

The shifts will occur on various levels: Business / Societal / Cultural. Every aspects of our lives will witness deep changes through the use of edge technologies.

More agility is expected as several technologies innovations (iOT, Big Data, AI, Distributed Cloud, High speed mobility networks to name the few) will occur at the same time, benefiting from each other!

Systems and processes will become more customer / user oriented as they will react in real time: objects connecting us and the digital word to serve us better.

This is the Reign of xAAS: everything as a service. The Gig economy benefiting from a workforce available on demand: The physical and informational sources of revenue all together.

Borders will become fuzzier and fuzzier: where is the human intelligence with AI ? Is the system or the person inside or outside of the company it delivers a service for? Interconnections will not only represent human to human, machine to machine or machine to human but human servicing machine  as well.

A Revolution has begun.

Change will occur at organisational level : a business don’t need to have a physical address. The workforce will not be physical, blue or white collars will be impacted as much.

Change will occur at our tools level : whatever the platform, you will still have your information and the processes available to achieve your work.

Change will occur on our relationship level : smart systems will replace humans and we won’t make a difference. Our daily interactions will change with the aid of interconnected objects.

In short, change management is more relevant than ever for our business civilization.

In the next chapter, I will explore the first step to Digital Transition: GOALS.